Financial information

Q. Where do I obtain key financial information?
A. London stock exchange web site

Q. How do I get copies of financial documents, e.g. the annual reports, quarterly reports?
A. On the Investor Section of our web site

Q. When is BATM's fiscal year?
A. January to December

Shareholder services

Q. How or where can I buy BATM's shares?
A. You should be able to buy at any brokerage which can trade on London listed companies

Q. Where should I direct equerries concerning dividend payments, transfer of share certificates, consolidation of shareholder accounts and tracing of lost shares?
A. You can contact our finance department for specific queries at finance@batm.co.il

Share information

Q. Where can I find historical stock prices?
A. London stock exchange web site

Q. Where can I find information about BATM's stock split history, share capital history and historical dividend payments?
A. On the Investor Section of our web site

Q. On what stock exchanges are BATM traded and what are the stock symbols?
A. On the London Stock Exchange under symbol BVC

Q. Does BATM have a share repurchase programme?
A. No

Corporate governance and sustainability

Q. How do I find out more about BATM and Corporate Governance?
A. On the Investor Section of our web site

General information

Q. What is BATM's mission statement?
A. "Leading the provision of real-time technologies for the networked telecoms and medical laboratory equipment markets, guaranteeing high availability and absolute customer satisfaction through high quality, support and continuous innovation"

Q. Where do I find information on BATM’s rules of conduct?
A. On the Investor Section of our web site

Q. Who are BATM’s auditor?
A. Brightman Almagor & Co. a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Q. Does BATM have stock option programme?
A. Yes

Q. Who is BATM’s Executive Management?
A. Click here for Executive Management Page -->

Q. Who are the Investor Relations staff members?
A. http://www.luther.co.uk/