Going Green

We, in the BATM group believe that we have an important role in making our world better, greener, sustainable as well as a healthier place.

We build our Telecommunication products with low power consumption. We enable our customers’ to save greatly on their electricity bills; Electrical efficiency- thus saving on OPEX but more importantly minimize their carbon footprint.

The electrical efficiency of an entity (a device, component, or system) in electronics and electrical engineering is defined as useful power output divided by the total electrical power consumed.

In fact our telecommunication products consume less power than all the competing products. We are ISO 14001 certified. We have deployed the most advanced Environmental Management systems to provide control of the organizational processes and activities having an impact on the environment. We assure our employees that they are working for an environmentally responsible organization.

Keeping the planet healthy is achieved also by producing our medical equipment which provides high reliability, fast and easy to operate products.

Several emerging markets and developing countries are enjoying cost-effective means to provide essential health services to places that have very limited or none at all.

We believe that corporates need to take responsibility to keep our planet green and healthy - we are working to achieve this goal every day.