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BATM Medical

Medical Division

BATM Medical is a leader in designing, manufacturing and providing, cost effective diagnostics and Pathogenic medical waste and sterilization solutions.
BATM medical division solutions are centered on SME medical labs and clinics around the globe with the emphasis on emerging markets.

The solutions are known for their innovative yet high reliability, fast and easy operation. We provide state of the art, very cost effective solution that includes equipment and reagents.

BATM Medical has partnerships with several research academic institutions as well as partnerships in the industry in order to guarantee an innovative, “one stop shop”, flexible offering to its customers.

Diagnostic equipment

BATM medical designs and manufactures the following machines:

• Clinical chemistry: 100-500 tests per hour open and close analyzers.
• Elisa: 2,4,7,12,15 plates analyzers.
• Several Chemiluminecense and Combo analyzers.
• Very rich array of suitable reagents all CE certified
(more certificates available for several reagents including SFDA)
• OEM offering is also available.
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Sterilization and Medical waste disposal

BATM designs and manufactures sterilization solutions, control systems for sterilization solutions and unique, portable medical waste shredder sterilizer that turns any medical waste to normal waste in a short and very cost effective totally green way (Patented).