Our Business

BATM strategy is based on building two strong technology divisions - the Telecoms division and the Medical division - into leading entities, supplying the highest quality and cost effective innovative products in their respective fields.

BATM is growing its networking division to be an important provider of access solutions. In the medium term the division is focused on providing groundbreaking technologies in a cellular centric video rich world. This includes expanding the offering to a full access service oriented solution and technological breakthroughs in delivering large scale streams of secured video at speeds of 10Gbps and up.

The division is now working closely with customers to define needs in LTE based applications, as well as applications for networks that are Smartphone rich. Some of these applications are envisaged to reach the markets by the beginning of 2011.

The Medical division is focused on becoming an important provider of diagnostic laboratory equipment. The division is built on high reliability, fast and easy to operate equipment for small diagnostic laboratories with an emphasis on emerging markets.

The division’s products are highly sophisticated, environmental friendly and very cost effective. BATM Medical has partnerships with reagent manufacturers and academic institutions to guarantee an innovative, “one stop shop”, flexible offering to its customers.